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For truck repair in Uniontown, PA come see the friendly mechanics at Bates Tire Truck & Auto Parts, Repair & Salvage. We can take on most makes and models of domestic and foreign vehicles.

With all the stick shifts in our area, Bates Tire Truck & Auto Parts, Repair & Salvage can handle repair of clutches including pressure plates and throw out bearings. We're also the team when you have issues with your heating and cooling system. From replacing a thermostat to radiator flushes to belts and hoses, we've got you covered. 

Bates Tire Truck & Auto Parts, Repair & Salvage is also the shop that helps with problems like headlight restoration that may hamper your ability to see. We can fix on the spot and have you on your way in nothing flat.

And don't forget that we sell tires.  We've got both new and used tires from brand name manufacturers at the very best prices--and we can do it fast!

If you're unsure about buying used tires, consider this:  The cost of new tires like you're currently running may give you sticker shock.  Tire manufacturers spend millions of dollars developing their different models and oftentimes what goes on the car from the factory are top of the line.  By purchasing a high end used tire with good tread depth you could save 40-75% over the cost new ones!  And if you're planning on selling your vehicle at some point in the near future, why spend the big bucks on new tires when quality used tires will do the job?

Ask Bates Tire Truck & Auto Parts, Repair & Salvage what we have available. When you need auto repair or tire sales count on Bates Tire Truck & Auto Parts, Repair & Salvage.

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